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by The ADBL (Academy of Digital Business Leaders)


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Dot Native is an online learning platform for budding, new and experienced digital marketers to get up to speed and stay up to date with digital. It allows members to get up to speed by completing the essentials by studying 10 short courses in Digital Marketing. Our short courses cover everything from content marketing and social media to programmatic and SEO. Each one of our courses is made up of bitesize video tutorials, learning checks and a final test. By achieving a pass rate of 70% or above for each course; you will earn your ADBL Certificate in Digital Marketing.

You can then keep up to date with the ever changing world of digital by continuing to spend 60 minutes a week studying masterclasses, reading white papers, best practice articles, watching inspirational talks and participating in peer-to-peer forums.

Your study time is tracked and rewarded, whenever you complete an activity on the site you will be rewarded with study minutes. Complete an average of 60 study minutes each week over a four week study period you will be awarded your ADBL Certified Member Status.

Each time you hit a milestone like earning your Certificate in Digital Marketing or Certified Member Status, we will send you a handy link that will automatically add your new qualifications to your LinkedIn profile.

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  • course type
  • online
  • Orientated towards work_and_play
  • 3000

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  • course type
  • online
  • Orientated towards work_and_play
  • £3000
  • Mixed gender
  • Age groups : age18
  • Skill level : beginner,intermediate,advanced

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