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by myKidsy


Scratch Coding HTML Coding Code Club
"It’s time to teach your children how to code! Get involved in this exciting project brought to you by myKidsy, offering your child (aged 5-12) a unique opportunity to develop essential skills for life in the 21st century at a young age. There are two levels: Beginner and Intermediate. The beginner class will follow the Scratch program, to learn the basics of coding in a friendly and rewarding way, creating their own projects, building games and programs using ‘building blocks’. The intermediate class will learn the technology of the web through an introduction to CSS, HTML and Javascript, in a fun and engaging environment where they can reproduce their own creations – games, programs and websites."

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  • course type
  • in_person
  • Orientated towards work_and_play
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  • course type
  • in_person
  • Orientated towards work_and_play
  • £1000
  • Mixed gender
  • Skill level : beginner

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